What sum is it possible to obtain the loan for?

    You can obtain the loan from 100$ till 1000$.

    What is necessary to obtain the credit?

    The computer, the Internet, the cash card of any bank in the USA.

    What requirements to borrowers?

    Citizenship of USA. Age from 18 to 75 years.

    Need I to be present personally to issue a loan?

    It doesn’t matter what city you live or you are. We work across all the territory of United States. We make out the credit on the Internet, we transfer money for the card.

    Is it necessary to have the pledge or the guarantor to receive the credit?

    No, it isn’t.

    What card is it possible to obtain the credit on?

    On any card. The card must be active and issued on your name.

    May I obtain a loan on the corporate card?

    Yes, you may - if you are a natural person, the businessman and the card is issued on your name.

    How to repay the loan?

    Clearing settlement: or Internet banking of your bank. Cash calculation - via terminals, in the cash desk of any bank of United States.

    May I repay the loan ahead of schedule?

    Yes, you can repay the loan in any day.

    When it is possible to issue the application for the repeated credit?

    Right after receiving an SMS message about repayment of the current credit.

    What can you explain the notion of instant loan?

    Instant loan is a short-term loan that is given to you for maximum 30 days until you get your salary at work. The meaning of instant loan is to help you cope with temporary problems that may arise. Many apply for it trying to save the reputation when some delayed fees must be covered urgently. Bounced check fees are not only expensive, they will spoil the reputation too, while the payday loan can provide a relief for you.

    Do I have to explain how I am going to spend the borrowed sum?

    No, you do not have to explain anything to the lender. You can borrow money under emergency circumstances and this will be a great support, but you can also take out money to buy gift for your mom or to arrange celebration. The loans were devised to help you in need but it is up to you to decide when you really need this support.

    What sum do you provide when you deliver online loan?

    The amount will be appointed by lender. It depends upon the level of your monthly salary. If the lender sees that you are a reliable client who can repay without problem then the bigger amount of money is provided to you. If you apply to the company for the first time you will hardly be able to obtain the maximal amount (about $1000). If you reimburse and then come for the loan again then you will get bigger loan.

    How should I apply for instant loan online?

    This is not hard. The application form can be found in a special sector on a website. Fill it in and send to us. It will take several minutes only. The application is processed after you submit it and this process is launched without delay. The processing is speedy because no credit check is necessary to be performed online. When you are approved the confirmation will be required from you. The other side provides the terms and you can either accept them or refuse from them. If you express your wish to take out the loan on terms offered then you will have cash transferred to your banking account within a day or, probably, two.

    What information must I fill in the application form?

    We ask to type in name, address, place of work, ID info. We also require banking information to complete the process of application.

    How can I be sure that you protect my personal data?

    You can be sure that this is a question of primary importance for us. We care about security of clients and we care about our reputation that depends upon our ability to guard it.

    Is it possible to repay ahead of time?

    It is possible to organize that. You should contact the manager to discuss this. Anyway, you will have to pay some refund in this case.

    What if I can’t reimburse?

    If you feel that you will not be able to cover the loan on a due date you should apply to the lending company to discuss this situation. It is required to find the needed sum and repay the loan.

    Do I have to pay for application?

    You do not have to pay money for application. If you submit it and then reject the offer you will not have to pay fee for the service.

    Do I have to collect documents to send them by fax?

    No you just need to share your basic info and relying on it we either approve your application or not. No additional documents are necessary as a rule.

    How soon will I have to reimburse?

    You will have to do it on the day of salary. The loan is called ‘payday’ because you need to return it on the day of salary.

    How often can I apply for online loan?

    We do not have such restriction and you can borrow as often as you wish. After repayment you can apply to us again and borrow the loan. However, we would not recommend you to do it otherwise it will tell on your budget. The fees are rather expensive to use online loan often.